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Update: November 22, 2012 – Black Friday TV deals for 2012 are now live -


Amazon’s Black Friday TV Deals have started! They have some of the best HDTVs on sale. The Toshiba 40L5200U, 40-Inch, 1080p, 120Hz, LED TV is on sale for $449.99. The VIZIO E3D470VX, 47-Inch,  Theater 3D, LCD HDTV with Internet Apps is at a massive sale for $598.00.The TCL LE55FHDF3300ZTA, 55-Inch, 1080p, 240Hz, LED HDTV with a 2-Year Limited Warranty  is on sale for $699.99 – $400 less from the $1099.99 retail price. And these are just to name a few.  We took the liberty of making a chart to showcase some of the extraordinary deals that Amazon has to offer.

Click here to go to the chart we have created for Amazon -


Walmart’s Black Friday TV Deals are here and the savings are huge! They have top-rated brands at affordable prices. The have the Sceptre 50-inch HDTV for a low price of $429.99. They also have the LG 42LM3700 42-inch, Cinema 3D, LED (3.0″ ultra-slim), Soundbar/HDTV Bundle for $519.98. Not to mention the Samsung PN51E450 51-inch, Plasma HDTV for $478.00. These sales are absolutely unbeatable. The Sceptre X405BV-FHD3 40-inch,LCD HDTV is  $249.00!

Check out our exclusive chart, created by us that display most of Walmart’s great Black Friday TV Deals.

Tiger direct

Tiger Direct’s Black Friday TV Deals are live and the sales are booming!  Tiger Direct is one of the best online retailers.  They have the Vizio E320-AO 32-inch, LED HDTV for $249.99, the Sceptre X408BV-FHD 40-inch, LCD HDTV for $299.99, the LG 47LM4600 47-inch, LED 3D HDTV with 4 3D Glasses Included for $699.99 and the Haier L39B2180, 39-inch, LCD HDTV for $329.99. The sales are mind-blowing and are a definite must-see. Click here to all Black Friday TV deals from Tiger Direct

Best Buy

Best Buy’s Black Friday TV Deals are here and they definitely worth checking out. They have the  Westinghouse  LD-4695, 46-inch, LED HDTV for 449.99. They also have the Insignia NS-39D240A13,  39-inch, LED HDTV for $249.99. Their Panasonic 55-inch, LED  Smart, 3D HDTV is a bargain price of $899.99 – at 50% off $1700 retail price. Click here to see more Black Friday HDTV Deals from Best Buy.

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Our  Black Friday TV Deals was a success last year and we are back again to give you the best HDTV deals and sales for Black Friday 2012. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter on the left column, for all updates and Black Friday 2012 TV deals. Also we will be adding several more retailers to our workload. Stay tuned!

Black Friday is almost here and I hope that everyone is preparing themselves for the sale. I put together a simple guide to help you decide which TV will be ideal for you.  Here are some tips that you can use when purchasing an HDTV on Black Friday.


How to choose the perfect HDTV size?

First, you have to consider the viewing distance between where the TV will be and where the seating area will be.

After figuring out the arrangement, calculate the distance between the two by inches and divide it by 2 (at the most 2.5). Whichever answer you get is the size of the TV that should be purchased for that particular room (in inches).

Choosing between an LCD, LED and Plasma?

I will try to make this short and sweet. All three technologies have amazing picture quality and new improvements.

You should go for an LCD TV if you’re looking for a low cost, simple HDTV. If you are one who doesn’t care too much about the latest features and gadgets then opt for an LCD TV.

An LED TV is an LCD TV but with a different back-light configuration. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and it is always used with an LCD display. For game junkies, an LED TV should definitely be considered.

Almost all LED TVs feature a game mode setting that eliminates game lag – a dream come true to gamers. Also, LED TVs have faster response time and higher refresh rates. If you love games, try an LED TV and there will be no going back.

Plasmas have decreased in popularity in the past few years but lately have been making a climb back up the ladder. I think it’s due to the improvements to the power consumption, image retention and other features.

If you are one who’s looking for amazing picture quality and excellent black levels, then go for a Plasma TV. Movie goers will be blown away when they get their hands on a newer Plasma TV model. If you’re looking for an amazing picture and good color saturation, go for a Plasma TV.

Which HDTV is just right for you?

When you’re searching for an HDTV, make sure that you have compiled a list of features and specifications that you would like your TV to include.

If you have a preference when it comes to connections and features, make sure to check that the TV model that you are ready to purchase includes them. For example, USB ports, PC input, Ethernet port, HDMI connections, 3D-ready, internet-ready and so forth.

Also, when buying an expensive electronic, always purchase a warranty. However, before doing so make sure to read the warranty thoroughly. You don’t necessarily have to purchase the warranty right away because the TV will usually be covered for a year without any additional warranties. You’ll have some time to shop around for a warranty that may suit your needs.

I know some people may not believe in purchasing a warranty but I believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. Definitely purchase it but make sure the price is right; third-party warranties, such as the ones online, are usually the best and cheapest.


Here’s how the Black Friday TV Deals was like last year and also a few 2012 Predictions


Last year was complete madness for my team and I and of course retailers. I must say that there were a least over 400 HDTVs on sale including the in-store and online deals.

There was confusion with prices, releasing of both ads and online deals, etc. However, we got through it and we was the number #1 website to go to HDTV deals during last year Black Friday sale.

Below is some general information from last year sale as well as few predictions.

Black Friday 2012 TV Stores


1. Amazon Black Friday TV deals for 2012 In Progress

Amazon is a major player in the retail game, they have been dominating the market for the past several years.  You can possibly find anything in Amazon marketplace from apparel all the way up to electronics. 

Since Amazon is so massive, their HDTV section alone is bigger than any other retailers who specialized in HDTVs. So you can expect Amazon to have many HDTVs on sale with huge discounts.

During the last year Black Friday sale, Amazon had many HDTVs at discounted prices. One HDTV was the Haier, which is a 32” LCD HDTV with 720p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate for $199.99.

Another was the 32” Sony NSX-32GT1 with Google TV, priced at $398.00. They also had the Samsung UN40D6000 on sale for $727.99. To see the rest of Amazon HDTV deals from last year Black Friday click here .

I am predicting Amazon will again be the number #1 retailer for online HDTV deals during Black Friday.  The good thing about Amazon is that you won’t just find older HDTV models on sale during Black Friday but you will see a wide range of HDTVs on sale including newer and well known TV models. 

2. Walmart Black Friday 2012 TV Deals In Progress

Walmart is one of most familiar and trusted retailer/brand there is and their prices are always affordable. I was very surprise at Walmart during last year Black Friday sale.

I wasn’t expected for them to have so many HDTVs discounted during the sale.  I have to say that Walmart had the best variety of HDTVs for last year Black Friday sale and about 95% of their HDTVs was under $1,000

There were two door-buster HDTVs that were available online from Walmart a day before Black Friday. One of the HDTV was cheaper than the actual sale price advertised on Black Friday. The LG 42″ 42LW5300 LED HDTV, 3D Ready, 1080p, 120 Hz with 3D Blu-ray and 4 Pair of 3D Glasses, Bundle – $727.00/Free Shipping – and the actual price on Black Friday was $799, a $53 difference.

The other door-buster item that was available online from Walmart was the Samsung 32″ LN32D403 LCD HDTV with 720p, 60Hz priced at $278 (same price on Black Friday). there many more HDTV from Walmart during last year Black Friday sale.To see the complete listings (HDTVs)Click Here.

I’m not too sure if Walmart will have the best variety this time around but I do think they will be one of the top 5 retailers with best HDTV deals. You can also expect to see more off brand HDTVs from Walmart than any other retailer.

3. Best Buy Black Friday TV deals for 2012 In Progress

I had a few issues with Best Buy with their ads and online deals. they were late on arrival and they had many price issues.  However, they did have some great HDTV deals during Black Friday. Best Buy had the best in-store deals out of all retailers in my opinion.

The best in-store deal was a 42″ Sharp LC-42SV49U for $199. Some online deals included a 19″ Dynex – LCD for $99 and the same brand but a 42″ for $399.  They also had a few 46″ LED HDTVs from LG and Samsung for under $1,000.

I believe Best Buy will again have the best in-store deals for the 2012 Black Friday sale. I also see them battling with Amazon far the best online HDTV deals. We shall see! See complete 2011 listings from Best Buy Online/In-store Black Friday TV Deals Here

4. Tiger Direct Black Friday Television Deals for 2012 In Progress

Tiger Direct specialized in consumers electronics and is one of the top retailers to go for electronics, especially refurbished electronics. One HDTV that Tiger Direct has discounted during last year Black Friday sale was the Sony NSX-46GT1 – a 46” edge-lit, LED HDTV with a 1080p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate for $799. This particular HDTV included Google TV, built-in Wi-Fi and a QWERTY keyboard remote control. Tiger direct had their competitors beaten by more $150 on the Sony NSX.

Another great TV deal was a refurbished Vizio XVT3D424SV; 42” edge-lit, LED HDTV with 3D compatibility, a 480Hz refresh and 1080p resolution. Tiger Direct was offering a $280 price reduction, making this Vizio $649.99. They were are also offering an additional $50 off with a coupon (took it off, outdated). 

The LG 47LV440 was also on sale. It is a 47” LED HDTV with 1080p resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. The HDTV features a 6ms response time and includes plenty of connections. Tiger Direct was advertising this LED TV at $699.99 during Black Friday.

Tiger Direct also had the Samsung LN40D503 40″, LCD HDTV for $429.99, which was the lowest price we’ve ever seen on this TV model during last year. The price also matches both Best Buy’s and Walmart’s 2011 in-store Black Friday pricing!

5. Circuit City 2012 Black Friday TV Deals In Progress

Circuit City had a couple of HDTVs that stands out but the rest was advertised at the same price or higher than other retailers during last year sale. One great TV deal was the Samsung 55” UN55D6000 LED HDTV with a 1080p resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and internet-ready, priced at $1099.99. The lowest price we’ve seen so for last year sale, the cheapest price being $1300 at Amazon.

Another great deal was the Westinghouse LD-4258, a 42” LED HDTV with 1080p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate priced at $429.99. Circuit City also has the Vizio M370NV – a refurbished 37” LED HDTV, 1080p resolution, priced at $379.99 – $70 cheaper than most retailers that were selling this particular HDTV.

Last, but not least, Circuit City had the massive 60” Zenith Z60PV220 Plasma HDTV, 1080p resolution and 600Hz refresh rate, on sale for $899.99.

That is all for now, stay tune. We will be listing the best Black Friday TV Deals very soon. Subscribe to our email alert to receive updates and the actual deals. I forgot to mention that we will be adding several more retailers to our work load.



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